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IRIS ep 1

Now I’m not dropping Take Care of the Young Lady, I’m just adding another drama. Now I bring you IRIS, starring Lee Byung Hun (the only good thing in G.I. Joe and awesome in The Good, the Bad, and the Weird) and Kim Tae Hee (gorgeous and an amazing actress).Slide1

Our series starts out with Kim Hyung Joon (Lee Byung Hun) in Hungary waiting for contact with the vice-director of NSS (the Korean NSA). Hyung Joon meets the vice-director in a park and the two take a leisurely walk. While walking, the vice-director starts telling Hyung Joon about how Hungary played a key role in ending the Cold War and helping Germany unify. He tells Hyung Joon about how Hungary, a communist state, opened its borders and allowed people from East Germany return back to West Germany, thereby nullifying the last obstacle, the Berlin Wall, that stood in the way of reunification. He then turns to Hyung Joon and tells him that he will now play a key role in the reunification of Korea. He is to assassinate a high ranking North Korean politician.Slide2

Hyung Joon then proceeds to travel to the venue at which the North Korean politician will be visiting the next day. While there, he scopes out the area for a possible sniper position. He wanders around checking a possible vantage point when, Park Chul Young (Kim Seung Woo), the head of security for the North Korean politician, arrives to also check out the location for his security detail. The two see each other if only for a brief second.

Hyung Joon then returns to his apartment and prepares for his mission. He then returns back to the location and works his way through the guards, back to his sniper point. Unfortunately, Chul Young is tipped off when one of his security guards fails to check in. He begins to rush off to the position the guard was last at. The clock is ticking as to whether or not Hyung Joon can get the shot off. Right as Chul Young’s lieutenant grabs the politician, Hyung Joon lets off a shot and kills the politician, thereby accomplishing his mission. Slide3

By the time Chul Young arrives, Hyung Joon is gone. He is back on the street level running away. Right as Hyung Joon is about to get away, Chul Young shoots Hyung Joon in the side from a level above. This cripples Hyung Joon, but he has enough time to make it back to the safe house. There he pulls out his satellite phone and calls the vice-director. He requests an extraction team because there is no way he can make it out. Unfortunately, the vice-director tells him that there will be no help, that he has to do the agent thing and either get back on his own or die trying. Hyung Joon pleads with the vice-director, telling him that he has an important reason to get back to South Korea, but this produces no results and therefore he leaves the safe house before that can be compromised.Slide4Slide5

He heads to an abandoned train station and takes cover in an office as he waits for the North Korean security detail to arrive. When they finally arrive, the men storm the building prepared to kill on sight. Of  course our protagonist takes out several armed men and works his way back out, until he runs into Chul Young. The two fight it out with Chul Young abusing Hyung Joon’s wound. Eventually, Hyung Joon is able to run out of the building but only to encounter an attack helicopter looming over him. The helicopter blows up the train next to him sending him reeling to the ground. Wounded and dying, Hyung Joon is prepared to die. The screen goes dark.Slide6

And then we are shown a college campus and a young Hyung Joon. The show returns to the origins of Hyung Joon’s youth. He is currently late to his political science class. He arrives late and is noticed by the professor. And here we meet Choi Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee). In class, Seung Hee and Hyung Joon throw around some witty banter and insult each other, with Seung Hee walking away the victor. After this encounter though, Hyung Joon is enthralled by the lovely Seung Hee. He attempts to get closer to her, only to get rejected and embarrassed.Slide7

Hyung Joon then returns back to base camp where he is training as part of the special forces. He is shown to be a top notch athlete, when he out runs the majority of the recruits. He also is a crack shot. But above all else, he is a jokster too. At night, Hyung Joon is studying up on the his poli sci class in order to show Seung Hee that he is not ignorant.Slide8

The next day, Hyung Joon comes to class ready to show everyone that he is a smart guy. When asked about the Gulf War, Hyung Joon recites a ton of information regarding the Gulf War and its statistics. Of course this does not impress Seung Hee who then retorts with how repeating information is still ignorant. This flusters Hyung Joon so much that after class he approaches her and asks her out to tea so that she can learn more about him and changer her opinion of him. Sadly though, he is shot down. But Seung Hee replies with how she would actually prefer to go for drinks instead.Slide9

At the restaurant, Hyung Joon and Seung Hee are drinking and chatting. We find out that Hyung Joon has photographic memory. He is able to memorize his entire surroundings with a simple glance around. We also learn that Seung Hee has an extremely high tolerance to alcohol as she  drinks Hyung Joon. When Hyung Joon wakes up from his drunk stupor, he realizes that Seung Hee is gone and then heads to class.Slide10

At class he does not see Seung Hee. Several days later he still has not seen her. It’s as if she disappeared from his life. He asks the professor only to find out that she was just auditing the class. Unfortunately, Hyung Joon never got her name or any information about her. He then returns back to base camp defeated and sad. There his best friend Jin Sa Woo (Jung Joon Ho) tries to cheer him up. He also invites Hyung Joon to go drinking with him and his friend but Hyung Joon turns him down because he is too depressed to go. At the meeting with his friend, Sa Woo meets a girl and falls in love with her at first sight. This girl is none other than Seung Hee. Slide11

Sa Woo returns to base camp believing that he has just found the woman of his dreams. He and Hyung Joon decide to go out for drinks to cheer Hyung Joon up. There Hyung Joon gets into a fight with an arrogant punk, who he puts the shit out of. Since the punk could not win on his own, he calls in his friends for help. Hyung Joon and Sa Woo run down the street. The two are laughing and having fun as they run away. Sadly for Sa Woo, he is eventually cornered and has to fight his way out.Slide12

The next day Sa Woo is a bit bruised by it turns out he beat them all up. We also found out that he beat up kids. So as a punishment he has to run 50 laps with full gear on. Hyung Joon taunts his friend for not being able to get away. But as a best friend, Hyung Joon goes and turns himself in, hoping that it would reduce Sa Woo’s punishment. Instead, the commanding officer punishes both of them with an even more severe punishment.Slide13

That night Sa Woo and Hyung Joon are separately taken to some secret facility without any knowledge of where or why they are there. At the facility, Sa Woo and Hyung Joon are strapped into chairs and tortured using drugs. Both suffer greatly, however, Hyung Joon is able to keep his composure through sheer will. Therefore the people in charge decide to increase his dosage to see if they can break him. It is then revealed that the people running this test are none other than Sa Woo’s old friend and Seung Hee. Slide14

Hyung Joon, despite the increased dosage, manages to break free from his restraints. This surprises everyone. Hyung Joon then picks up a chair and walks up to the two way mirror and proceeds to beat it with a chair. The end.Slide15

Now this show is pretty amazing. It has a ton of action, great acting, and solid story so far. Also, the music goes really well with the scenes. I am definitely going to blog this show.

Take Care of the Young Lady Episode 4

So continuing from last time, Tae Yoon has Hye Na pinned up against the wall, when Dong Chan comes to the rescue and saves her. The two then storm off because Hye Na was embarrassed by the situation. Now of course Hye Na is not one to take such an event kindly. She proceeds to take out her frustration on everyone, no one is spared. She takes it out on Dong Chan, her maids, a kendo dummy, and even shopping. Slide1

Though while shopping she runs upon the best relief for her anger. She happens to meet  the guy who sent the gangsters after her and Dong Chan, Park Jung Shik. Now the poor bastard gets to see what a pissed off Hye Na can do to a wimp like him. She hits him with a bag and throws insults at him. Jung Shik, with his over inflated ego, claims he has put up with her as much as he can and prepares to strike Hye Na. However, Dong Chan steps in the way and takes the blow for his master. This event jsut pisses Hye Na off even more and she throws a bracelet at Jung Shik’s nose further causing it to bleed. Using the opportunity, Dong Chan tackles Jung Shik and the two begin to fight. Moments later, Tae Yoon arrives and breaks up the fight.Slide2Slide3

Jung Shik calls his lawyer and Tae Yoon steps in for Hye Na. Even though both lawyers agree that both sides are responsible, Jung Shik wants to sking Hye Na alive for embarrassing him three times now. Unfortunately for Jung Shik, Tae Yoon throws out his trump card. He proceeds to list out the possible charges against Jung Shik if he presses charges. On top of that, Tae Yoon threatens to use his family and Hye Na’s family influence to prove all the charges against Jung Shik. This forces Jung Shik to tuck his tail between his legs and run off, hopefully for the last time. I have gotten tired of that guy already.Slide4

Tae Yoon uses the opportunity to sit down and chat with Hye Na in order to apologize for what happened. He explains that he misunderstood her and that he does not know why he did such a thing to her. Ever the girl in love, Hye Na wholeheartedly excepts his apology. She even attempts to change Tae Yoon’s understanding of her by explaining that he had her all wrong. In reality she claims to be a philanthropist who does care about the ordinary person. As this is going on, Eui Joo is talking with Dong Chan, after bumping in to the group on the street. Eui Joo claims that she was worried about how Dong Chan may be trying to seduce Hye Na, therefore falling back to his old Gigolo ways. However, she feels that there is no reason to worry after seeing how Hye Na treats Dong Chan like crap, much to Dong Chan’s delight/dismay. And back at the mansion, Soo Ah’s father is chatting with Hye Na’s grandfather about how some company executives feel uncomfortable with Hye Na being the heir to the company. He also pulls out some pictures of Hye Na and Tae Yoon in the compromising position found at the beginning of the episode. These pictures infuriate Hye Na’s grandfather due to his new found dislike for Tae Yoon.Slide5

After their talks, everyone decides to head back home/work. Dong Chan takes Hye Na to the car, only to find out that it had been towed. To add more issues, Tae Yoon proposes to take Hye Na back home in Dong Chan’s place, as he goes and retrieves the car. What follows is a lovely little walk between Hye Na and Tae Yoon. Tae Yoon proposes to take the bus much to Hye Na’s surprise. Tae Yoon then grabs Hye Na’s hand and together they run after the bus. Through the bus incident, Tae Yoon and Hye Na grow even closer. Slide6Slide7

Hye Na finally returns home, but she is very late. She is eventually called to her grandfather, who then proceeds to attack her about her relationship with Tae Yoon. He forbids this relationship because Tae Yoon has turned against his own family and would also provide absolutely no benefit to the Kang San Group. To everyone’s surprise, Hye Na proclaims that she indeed loves Tae Yoon and how she cannot fall out of love with him. Her grandfather’s only solution to the issue is to send her abroad so that she forgets about Tae Yoon. Over hearing all of this, Dong Chan realizes that his position and plan are currently in jeopardy. He then follows Hye Na outside to talk to her. There Hye Na asks for his help, so that she can stay in Korea and be near Tae Yoon.Slide8

The next day, Hye Na is missing from the estate. This sends the entire mansion into a disarray. Everyone is searching for the missing Hye Na. As the search is going on, Eui Joo’s mother stops by to deliver the flowers that she has been contracted to bring. Much to her disdain she meets a problem. Since the mansion is in chaos, she is unable to hammer out an agreement with the management.

After returning home, Eui Joo’s mother is surprised to find Hye Na jump out of the back of her car. Hye Na then proceeds to call Dong Chan and tell him that she has arrived on the outside. Dong Chan then looks for an excuse to leave the mansion in order to meet up with Hye Na. He tells Manager Jang that he is going to Tae Yoon’s place in oder to look for Hye Na. Manager Jang decides to go along with him in order to meet this Tae Yoon, much to Dong Chan’s dismay. Slide9

After confronting Tae Yoon, Dong Chan has to think of another way to get away from Manager Jang. So he fakes receiving a call in which Eui Joo’s mother was involved in an accident. Using this as a pretense to leave, Dong Chan head over to Eui Joo’s house. Slide10

At Eui Joo’s house, Hye Na is having fun playing a betting game. When Dong Chan arrives, Hye Na prepares to leave for a hotel. But the ever logical Dong Chan tells her that she will have to stay in Eui Joo’s house in order to avoid being caught. He helps her settle in. However, Hye Na stumbles across Dong Chan’s old gigolo clothing. Dong Chan claims that he used to do Athletic Dancing, and that is the reason why he has a collection of flashy clothing. I’m not really sure who would buy that but whatever.Slide11

The story moves on with Dong Chan returning to the mansion and telling Hye Na’s grandfather that Hye Na refuses to leave. After Dong Chan leaves, Manager Jang tells Hye Na’s grandfather that he should let Hye Na stay so that he can extort things out of her. Manager Jang tells Hye Na’s grandfather that he feels that Tae Yoon has no feelings for Hye Na, so they do not need to worry about anything happening between the two. Manager Jang tells Dong Chan to go pick up Hye Na, much to Dong Chan’s surprise. The next day, Hye Na and her grandfather make a deal. Hye Na goes to work at the Kang San Group and her grandfather will then permit her relationship with Tae Yoon. Slide12

As Hye Na is en route to the office, everyone at the office is busy preparing for her. As she arrives she gets a lavish welcoming and proceeds to her office. Once inside she bumps into Soo Ah and they exchange some witty banter. Hye Na tells Eui Joo that if Soo Ah is ever bothering her to come see her. Soo Ah tells Dong Chan that if ever gets tired of Hye Na, she is always looking for a new attendant. After their exchange, Hye Na arrives in her office only to prepare to leave. She claims that she said she would only come to work, not actually work. She then receives a call from Tae Yoon, but the call is intercepted by Dong Chan. He tells her that he will coach her in the ways of seduction so that she can win over Tae Yoon. The only condition is that Hye Na completely listen to him.Slide13

That night, Tae Yoon calls Hye Na and asks her if she wants to go to his friends charity fundraiser. She is of course excited to go, but Dong Chan interferes. He tells her that she should reject the invitation in order to get Tae Yoon more infatuated with her. In reality though Dong Chan is just trying to keep the two apart. He even receives orders from Manager Jang to keep the two apart.Slide14

However the next day, Hye Na attempts to sneak out anyways. Dong Chan decides to take her only on the condition that she leaves after an hour in order to keep Tae Yoon hooked on her ephemeral image. When they arrive, Hye Na manages to get Dong Chan to leave her alone there for an hour. While there, she starts to connect with Tae Yoon. The two start growing on each other. Eventually, Tae Yoon is called up to the stage to sing. Of course he sucks at it. But to Hye Na, his singing is cute and charming. Peering through the window, Dong Chan is waiting for Hye Na. But as he looks in, he notices that Hye Na is happy with the way things are. He just cannot force himself to disturb her happiness.
Slide15At the end of the night, Hye Na is drunk. Therefore Dong Chan takes her home. On the way home, Dong Chan talks Hye Na to sleep. When they arrive at the mansion, Dong Chan stares off into Hye Na’s face and starts to show his feelings for her. But she wakes up before anything can happen. As they are walking back from the car, Hye Na tells Dong Chan that she is ready to take things to the next level.  Dong Chan tells her that the next level is skinship. Hye Na claims that she does not mind as long as it is with Tae Yoon. However, she is still embarrassed by the mere thought of kissing. As she is off in some dream land, Dong Chan moves in and kisses her. Slide16Slide17

Now this episode really made me feel for a Tae Yoon x Hye Na ending. I just could not see how Dong Chan can move in between the two till the end of the episode. Ending on a kiss is a pretty good cliff hanger. Once again, I’m sorry for the late post. I’m just busy here on my end. As for this show, I will be continuing it. However, IRIS is coming out so my time blogging may become split between the two shows.

Take Care of the Young Lady Episode 3

Well I’m back. Sorry for the delay in posts, I just got back to school and was readjusting to dorm life. Now I thank those who have kept coming to the site to check for updates. Also, I thank those who commented on the previous posts.

Now for what everyone has been waiting for, episode 3 of Take Care of the Young Lady.Slide1

Our episode starts off where the last one ended. Hye Na is about to punch Dong Chan when Tae Yoon jumps in and stops her. This is the second meeting of our love triangle here. He introduces himself as her blind date. But he regrets to inform her that he is not interested in staying and leaves her to her utter disbelief. The show then pans back to Hye Na and Dong Chan returning back to the mansion where, Hye Na tells her grandfather never to set up such dates again or else she will run away. But underneath her fake anger, she is oddly taken in by Tae Yoon’s honesty and resemblance to her old flame. For Dong Chan’s part, he is at first a little shaken by the introduction of a rival but then gets over it thinking that Hye Na is furious at Tae Yoon for rejecting her. While pondering his situation, Dong Chan receives a call from his loan shark reminding him of his deadline. Therefore Dong Chan moves ahead with his plan to seduce Hye Na and get her to repay his debt.Slide2

As Dong Chan prepares, Hye Na goes to her cousins shoe company’s opening ceremony. The mere presence of Hye Na steals away the limelight from Soo Ah, much to Soo Ah’s dismay. Of course Soo Ah precedes to “bitch” her out for doing this but of course Hye Na, not on to be phased by those beneath her, simply brushes her aside with a snide remark about Soo Ah’s outdated fashion sense.

We then find out a bit more about Eui Joo and Soo Ah’s mothers pasts. As it turns out Eui Joo’s mom was high school rivals with Soo Ah’s mother. After exchanging witty banter about one being poor and the other doing plastic with her daughter, the show returns back to Hye Na’s side. She is of course being harassed by an ex-match making blind date. Hye Na of course beats the crap out of him and humiliates him in front of everyone leaving an empty shell of a very weak man covered in food. All the while, Dong Chan is searching for her in order to enact his little scheme to get her to fall in love with him.

We then return back to Eui Joo. She meets Tae Yoon and thinks he is some ordinary guest to Soo Ah’s party. But of course he isn’t. Eui Joo then leads Tae Yoon up to the party, only to get an order from Soo Ah to drop everything and escort Tae Yoon. Of course not knowing that the person next to her is Tae Yoon, she begins to complain about how this Tae Yoon person is ruining her day. Right as Tae Yoon is about to speak up for himself, Soo Ah’s father bursts onto the scene in some gaudy suit hat combo and steals the man away. Of course Tae Yoon is the ever hard working man so he refuses to stay and only paid a visit to the party in order to talk to Soo Ah’s father about the construction of the golf course.Slide3Slide4

Back to Hye Na and Dong Chan. The two are in the parking garage looking for their car. But low and behold, they cannot find it. Of course this is Dong Chan’s plan as he envisions himself saving Hye Na from the gangsters, or better known as his loan sharks, in order to win her love. Much to his surprise, the gangsters that do appear are actually gangsters sent by the coward of a man in order to teach Hye Na a lesson. And of course poor Soo Ah meets the staged gangsters somewhere else in the parking lot.

The drama then moves on as Hye Na and Dong Chan run away from the gangsters. But somehow they end up getting surrounded. Dong Chan then decides to be heroic and tells Hye Na that he will distract them as she runs off. She at first refuses but in the end the plan goes into action. Unfortunately/fortunately, Tae Yoon comes to the rescue. Together with Dong Chan, the two manage to beat off all the gangsters in a very choreographed and symmetrical fighting fashion. After rescuing Hye Na, Dong Chan and Tae Yoon return to her side. Expecting some sort of gratitude, Dong Chan extends his hand to help her, only to be rejected in favor of Tae Yoon. It seems that Hye Na has finally fallen in love with Tae Yoon for his chivalry displayed. Slide5

Sadly for Dong Chan, the two return back to the mansion with no progress made. Instead, Hye Na seems to only think about Tae Yoon. Later that night Dong Chan is found at the piano playing a piece and singing along. His music attracts Hye Na who is curious to find out who is playing the piano. She approaches him as he finishes the song and asks him to “Tell me your wish.” This of course throws him off because he imagined that he failed at his plan. And of course he did. Hye Na repeats herself more clearly and asks him to play SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish” (woot a shout out to SNSD, btw I like SNSD), then the Wonder Girls “Nobody”. Slide6Slide7

It turns out that Hye Na is up due to the fact that her A/C malfunctioned and she is looking for someone to fix it. Dong Chan seeing another opportunity to try and win her over decides to help fix the A/C. Of course Dong Chan throws his butt in her face and plays little tricks on her. Even as going as far as to accidentally fall out of the chair and onto her. All tricks come to nothing as Head Butler Jang comes into to disturb his plans.

The next day starts out with Tae Yoon in a meeting in which he is providing information to news reporters so that they can accurately portray the current employment strike against Tae Yoon’s on family. This shocks the news reporters because he is actually providing information that would help the strike, not his family. The scene then shifts over to Hye Na as she is buying a thank you gift for Tae Yoon. She then delivers it to his office and accidentally signs the petition against Tae Yoon’s on family company.Slide8

Eventually Tae Yoon calls out Hye Na for lunch. At lunch, he insists on returning the gifts to her because they are all too expensive. This surprises Hye Na because she feels that such gifts are trifles to the son of a rich family. Tae Yoon then precedes to explain to her how he had an experience in high school in which he truly found out how money and status corrupts people. He then attacks Hye Na by saying that she is living in a naive and foolish lifestyle, not truly understanding the world. At the same time this lunch is going on, Eui Joo discovers that Dong Chan lied to her and her mother about working for President Kang. Dong Chan then explains to Eui Joo the situation minus the fact that he is still in debt. Slide10

After the two events occur, we return back to Dong Chan late at night working in th wine cellar. There he stumbles upon a drunk and depressed Hye Na. The two then talk and drink together until their little bonding session is interrupted by the resident love couple, who barge into the room to make out. Dong Chan and Hye Na then sneak out and let loose on the lawn outside the mansion. Hye Na finally opens up completely to Dong Chan and shows him her innocent and hurt side. Dong Chan is completely taken off guard as he has only seen this side of her once. The day ends with him carrying her back to her bed and quietly watching her sleep.Slide11Slide12

The next day the newspapers are covering how Hye Na signed the petition. This scandal forces her to visit Tae Yoon, who is currently in a heated argument with is brother as to why the family company is so corrupt. Tae Yoon storms out of the room and then forcibly grabs Hye Na and presses her against the wall. In a fit of rage, Tae Yoon asks her whether or not she likes him. He feels that her actions and her persistence is a clear sign of her feelings. As Hye Na is feeling the pressure and her weakness, Dong Chan comes to the rescue and punches Tae Yoon clear of Hye Na. Dong Chan then positions himself between the two and tells Tae Yoon to stay away from Ms. Hye Na. The episode then ends with the standoff.Slide13

A few key things this episode. First, would be Tae Yoon and Eui Joo meeting. I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty sure somehow those two are going to end up together. When you look at it Tae Yoon is clearly not looking for a rich spoiled girl. Instead he is looking for a down to Earth, hard working girl i.e. Eui Joo. Second is how the two managers are being set up to be the comedic couple. Finally, we start to see Dong Chan develop feelings for Hye Na, and Hye Na starting to open up/develop feelings for Dong Chan. Once again I thank you guys for sticking with us here at Drama Crack: The Daily Fix, and for that I provide you guys with even more pictures of the show. However, I cannot make any promises as to when the next episode will be posted, but hopefully sometime either this weekend or next week.

Why the delay?

So the writers here at Drama Crack have returned to school. Therefore our writing and watching times have come down a bit. For those still following this blog give me a few days and I’ll have Take Care of the Young Lady episode 3 up. Thanks for your patience.

KPop Sep Week 1 Wrap

With some much anticipated debuts and comebacks (Jewelry, Kim Taewoo, f(x)), the first week of September showed some decent performances and stages. (Will be editing this post with vids and stuff when I have time).

MCountdown (September 3rd, 2009)

MCountdown is undoubtedly the worst of the four music programs. With a lack of HD, a terrible audio system, and some terrible planning, MCountdown always fails and disappoints. Long run time and commercials are terrible, but when you make the best stages perform first, that’s pretty dumb. Whatever happened to enticing viewers to stay?

Anyways, with Kara and Brown Eyed Girls performing second and third, there really wasn’t much to see afterwards. A slew of mediocre performances (Bada, ChaeYeon, SuperMagic, Jami Soul, and like a 10 person medley) followed. MNet really does promote their artists quite a bit, as we continue to see mass promos of Tiara. Their lipsyncing of the Countdown was quite arguably the best part of the show.

Jewelry’s Vari2ty was quite an awful performance, and the noticeable lack of 2PM’s Taekyeon during Baek Ji Young’s Candy performance was disappointing. Mighty Mouth’s rapper might rap better, but his stage presence is almost nonexistent.

However, as with almost every other MCountdown program, the  best part is definitely the MNet Heroes Special stage they have every show. Davichi’s got some great vocals and it’s really nice to see covers of old songs that used to rock the Korean music industry. Speaking of Davichi, their comeback with Hot Stuff really is some Hot Stuff. Great vocals as always and a really nice song to add.

But with GDragon not yet eligible for an MCountdown victory, the Brown Eyed Girls handily win over Kara. Mmm, Abracadabra.

Music Bank (September 4th, 2009)

Music Bank would be such a great program if it didn’t last so long. Unlike MCountdown though, MuBank puts it’s worthless performances at the beginning of the show. However, the problem is that there are simply too many garbage performances. I’m sorry to say, but artists like Sunny Side and Hwangbo just don’t appeal to viewers. Plus, hearing R2Song over and over really makes you wanna kill yourself.

But as always, there are some good highlights on MuBank:
Navi – Greatly undearappreciated. Awesome vocals and a good catchy song, just overshadowed by the vast number of girl groups these days.
Kim Tae Woo – Looks like a korean Matthew Perry. His song is aight, but his stage presence is incredible. Completely dominates the stage.
Davichi – Hot Stuff. Enough said. Kang MinKyung’s outfit on MuBank was slick.
Baek Ji Young – Candy is a good song. While it might be repetitive as hell, it’s catchy and much better on stage with 2PM’s Taekyeon. Touchy touchy, Taekyeon’s the guy for that.
Kara – More Mister, less Wanna. Please. It’s good to see that DPG’s recognized that more people enjoy Mister performances.
GDragon – Nice stage. His Heartbreaker stages are sick and totally remind you of Death Note.

While there were a slew of great performances, GDragon absolutely dominated Music Bank, with a score of 21k+, which breaks SNSD’s previous record of 18k. On side note, MuBank needs a new female MC. The current one makes you wanna kill yourself. Her voice is absolutely awful and unbearable.

Music Core (September 5th, 2009)

While Music Core typically has great lineups without MuBank’s garbage, there’s one thing that holds Music Core back: The Cameramen. MBC has by far the worst cameramen who shoot the worst angles ever. Seriously, side and back shots? But the rest of Music Core is absolutely great. From good stages to absolutely stunning MCs, MuCore provides basically an hour recap of the current state of KPop.

However, the September 5th version of Music Core was basically centered around the debut of the pop dance group f(x). Even before they debuted, they were considered the female version of Shinee, with great dance skills. Their dance skills showed in their Intro stage, but in my opinion wasn’t anything special that made them stand out more than other girl groups today. For a pop dance group, Lachata had a rather weak dance. Top that off with some weak vocals and I really don’t forsee much success for f(x) unless they step up their game in the future.

That being said, the song is pretty catchy after a while and the fan chants were quite loud despite them being a rookie group. (This was later confirmed to be Soshi fans asked to cheer for f(x) though).

As for the rest of Music Core, the stages were good, and we saw more Mister from Kara, but the lack of YG Entertainment at MBC was quite discouraging. Apparently YG cares too much about awards and doesn’t like performing on MBC, which is a shame because GDragon’s Heartbreaker would make a great stage on MuCore.

Inkigayo (September 6th, 2009)

When we talk about Music Programs, SBS Inkigayo immediately comes to mind. Armed with the best cameramen and the best stages, Inkigayo trumps the competition easily.

It’s a shame I forgot what happened though besides GDragon topping Inkigayo though.

Anyways, with that, we have a wrap of the first week of KPop Music Programs. With GDragon taking Music Bank and Inkigayo in dominating fashion, we can only expect for him to continue his dominance and complete his sweep next week with a win at MCountdown as well. Stay tuned for a wrap of week 2.

Take Care of the Young Lady Episode 2

I now bring you episode 2 of Take Care of the Young Lady.

The episode starts off with the remainder of what happened at the end of episode 1. Hye Na, after being kidnapped by Dong Chan, storms furiously into the house to confront her grandfather on his recent appointment of Dong Chan as Hye Na’s new attendant. Her grandfather simply explains that it is in the best interest of the company that Dong Chan tames her. Though obviously she is not satisfied with this explanation.Slide1

We then cut over to Dong Chan dealing with the gangsters that have been bothering him for some money. He explains that he will use his former gigolo skills to make Hye Na fall in love with him in order to get her to pay off his debts.  He has 1 month to get her to fall in love/pay off his debts or else the gangsters will double the amount. I’m just going to point out that it is so obvious that this is going to be a problem later on in the show when Hye Na does fall in love with Dong Chan. I’m just calling it now.Slide2

Dong Chan then precedes to make his way to the mansion to start his official first day of work. On his way to see Hye Na, Dong Chan is introduced to all the key workers at the mansion. This includes the head of the maid staff, the cooks, and the other attendants. After all the introductions were completed, Dong Chan is called into the gym to meet Hye Na. There Hye Na proceeds to attack him with a kendo shinai. But of course our Dong Chan here is a jack of all trades. Not only does he manage to dodge all her blows, he manages to fight back and utterly defeat her. Slide3Slide4

The show then pans to the other side characters. First we are now introduced to Lee Tae Yoon, the other male lead. We first meet him as he sits in his car in the fields talking to his brother. We also manage to find out that he is a humanitarian lawyer who is currently opposing the Kang group’s golf course construction. But before we can learn anything else about him the show switches to Eui Joo at a job interview. Eui Joo managed to get an interview at a design company. And not only that, her interviewer and future boss is none other than Soo Ah. Now of course we learn here that Soo Ah is vain like hell, but who would be surprised by this?Slide5

Now the troubles begin for Dong Chan. As he is out picking up the ridiculous amount of clothing that Hye Na ordered, Hye Na is setting Dong Chan up for a major fall. She proclaims to everyone that Dong Chan has decided to take charge of that evenings dinner party. When Dong Chan returns from his ridiculous errands, he finds out that he has a short time to prepare the meal. Sadly no one is willing to help him because they figure that they can dump all the blame on him when he fails. Of course Dong Chan, the ever optimist, doesn’t give up. He calls in his connections and prepares the meal.

To Hye Na’s surprise, Dong Chan manages to prepare a meal in time for the dinner party. Of course all Dong Chan made was some rotisserie chicken and some fried rice. But that of course would not satisfy the rich and snooty people at the party. Instead he manages to play it up as Paella. He claims how spectacular it is. And not only that, he manages to play on the insecurities of the rich and make his dinner a success. Slide6Slide7

Hye Na, not one to sit by defeated, plans her next move as she proceeds to take Dong Chan to the equestrian club. Before Dong Chan and Hye Na arrive at the club, Tae Yoon arrives in search of Hye Na’s grandfather in order to plead his case. Unfortunately, Hye Na’s grandfather did not show up. As Tae Yoon leaves, he stumbles across an old friend. We find out that Tae Yoon is a young master of a rich family. Then Dong Chan and Hye Na arrive as Tae Yoon goes out for a ride on his old horse. Dong Chan imagines the horrible things that could happen to him there, but all that happens is that he meets Hye Na’s horse. As Hye Na brings the horse out to the fields, she spots Tae Yoon. She seems to be enthralled by him. She proceeds to run to him, ignoring the obvious danger of the incoming horses. Dong Chan runs to save her, but Hye Na only thinks about finding Tae Yoon. I’d like to point out that Dong Chan seems to run even faster than a horse. Slide8

Hye Na chases after Dong Chan on her horse in hopes of catching his car. After a bit of a horse chase scene, Tae Yoon’s friend finally realizes that there is a huge moving object chasing them. He decides to pull over and figure out what the hell is happening. Hye Na finally gets to meet Tae Yoon. But sadly he is not the one she thought he was. Instead, he is a complete stranger, much to her dismay. I’m betting that his brother is probably the one that broke her heart.Slide10

Hye Na wanders around saddened, but in comes Dong Chan to the rescue. He manages to cheer her up by treating her wounded hand, and joking around. Hye Na makes him promise never to reveal what happened today. Upon returning to the mansion, the head butler interrogates Dong Chan on what happened to hurt Hye Na. Recalling his promise, Dong Chan tells a lie and take full responsibility for what happened. The head butler promptly fires Dong Chan, but Hye Na comes to his rescue by revoking that order. Dong Chan has finally broken through Hye Na’s cold exterior by meeting her sad and lonely side. Slide11Slide12

The next day Hye Na’s grandfather prepares for her to have a blind date with the second son of a powerful and rich family. He enlists the help of Soo Ah and her father in order to smooth the negotiations over. But to everyone’s surprise, the second son is none other than Tae Yoon. Soo Ah and her father storm out due to the fact that her father is the head and chief designer of the golf course project that Tae Yoon is attempting to shut down. Upon finding out that the meeting is a blind date, Dong Chan tries to talk Hye Na out of it by claiming that it is best for her not to anger her grandfather and should just walk away. In reality, Dong Chan simply does not want to risk losing her before she falls in love with him. Hye Na thinking of torturing Dong Chan, returns to him and tells him that in order for their story to be believable, Hye Na would have to punch Dong Chan in the eye. Right as she is about to do so, Tae Yoon steps in and stops her. He then introduces himself as Hye Na’s blind date.Slide13

The show ends here. I personally enjoyed the show. It did a good job of introducing the new leads, and also the show established how everyone was related. Honestly I think the twist in the middle about how Tae Yoon is not her long lost love makes the playing field more even between the two male leads. Stay tuned for the next episode.