Shining Inheritance Episode 23-25

grandmotherFirst off I am sorry for the heap of episode clumping lately. As you probably know the end of the series is near, therefore everything is coming together and getting exciting.

Episode 23 starts with Hwan’s grandmother in the hospital after suffering from a blood clot in the brain. The worst part is that Eun Sung was soooo close to finding her brother. I mean like if the grandmother had held out for five more minutes everyone would have been happy. But hey, it’s a drama so they need more material anyways. The key thing about this collapse is that everyone finds out that the grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease. Through this, we finally see the affect of the grandmother’s hard work in reshaping her family. It seems as if her family actually cares about her. On top of that, we see Director Park and his evil cronies make a movie on the company. All this happens as the grandmother relapses into a coma due to contracting pneumonia. As things look bleak, Eun Sung attempts several times to reach the grandmother in order to just see her or at least tell her the truth. In this episode we really get to see how everyone is pulling together behind the grandmother. The episode ends especially well with Eun Sung comforting Hwan, but in the background there is Jun Se witnessing it all. And finally, we see Hwan finally tell his grandmother what happened the day his dad die.

By the way that is Jun Se in the back there.

By the way that is Jun Se in the back there.

Episode 24 begins with Hwan and Eun Sung waking up to find out that Hwan’s grandmother has woken up from her coma. Now this comes as a happy event to everyon but poor old Seung Mi. Now without a sick grandmother, Hwan finally tells her the truth. ownedbitchHe tells her that he is in love with Eun Sung and believes her side fo the story. To top it off, Hwan then begins to pick apart Seung Mi’s lies. Then the episode pans over to Eun Sung apologizing to Jun Se for leading him on and how she cannot return his love. On top of that, the episode has Director Park step out of the shadows and betray Hwan’s grandmother. He plans to oust her from the presidency and take over the company. What is even worse is that he enlists his son, Jun Se, to vote against Hwan’s grandmother using funds that he siphoned from the company.

Episode 25 begins with the vote. Eun Sung and Hwan have managed to gather around 70% of the employees to agree to take a pay cut to help with the financial crisis facing the company. That and the stocks they bring help to show that the employees back the grandmother. Sadly though Jun Se still has to cast the deciding vote. And he chooses the good side, therefore condemning his own father. Then as if to further the hurt, he goes and begs for his dad not to be prosecuted by Hwan’s grandmother. After hearing all this, Eun Sung finds out that her house was paid for by Jun Se, making it even harder for Eun Sung to leave him. All these plus the grandmother’s recovery help to provide Eun Sung with the confidence to not accept the inheritance. She instead decides to move on and pursue her dream of Korean fusion food. The episode ends with one of the worst endings I could imagine. Now it’s not bad in that the plot just went to hell, but bad as in Seung Mi finds Eun Woo. I just know the blackmail is going to start up and the angst is going to come back. Oh and to top it all off on a good note, Eun Sung’s dad figures out that the stepmother is a liar.

Jun Se doing the right thing. This guy is just amazing.

Jun Se doing the right thing. This guy is just amazing.

Overall these three episodes really bring the show to a climax. With the grandmother almost losing everything, we get to see Hwan finally shine and find his own place in this show. On top of that we get to see even more of Eun Sung’s stepmother’s plan unravel, though I’m not counting her down and out yet. With Eun Woo and Eun Sung’s dad still out there undiscovered, there is still a ton of blackmail material out there for Eun Sung’s stepmother to blackmail her with. On a side note, these episodes, while making Hwan shine, really go to Jun Se. I mean not only did he step up and fight against his own father, he still told Eun Sung that all he did was for her and that he did not want anything in return. I mean the guy is so upstanding that it’s just awesome. I seriously don’t understand how a girl could not just love him for this. So I feel that his character really just makes these last few episodes amazing by juxtaposing his love with Seung Mi’s love.


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